Battco’s team of project managers, superintendents, subcontractor’s, skilled and unskilled labor have bonded into a loyal workforce dedicated to delivering a quality project, on time and within budget. Our team continuously strives to meet the numerous demands of all past, present, and future clients. Battco is well versed in all aspects of AIA documentation and billing, certified payroll, and David Bacon wages, DBE subcontracting, HUD procurement, and project scheduling, tracking and forecast.

Ground-Up Construction

From the piles to the turning over of the keys, Battco ensures that your new building will be constructed without delay to the quality of workmanship that sets us out in front of other construction companies. Whether it is negotiated, design build, bid or cost plus Battco will bond and team with architects and owners to make sure all are satisfied and proud of our product.

Remodeling & Renovation

Battco maintains an in-house construction crew, equipment, and vehicles, making it less dependent on outside labor. This benefits clients when extraordinary performance is required in a very short period of time. From tenant build-outs to additions, architects, construction managers, engineers, owners, and real estate companies take pride in the professionally finished product delivered by Battco.

Tenant Build-outs

Whether it’s fast track, multiple tenant build-outs, or a single retail build-out, Battco has worked with construction managers from all types of retail businesses to professionally build-out their spaces for owners.

Complete Re-Image Service

Both major corporations and smaller businesses rely on Battco for updating the structure and image of their buildings. Interiors, exteriors, canopies, and signage enhancements are all expertly handled by Battco’s team of professionals.


Battco performs rollouts using its own crews throughout America. Battco technicians have often worked around the clock, from state to state.